Medical Providers for Trucker's 2 Year Physicals to Set Up Shop at Truckstops

August 6, 2015

Now You Can Get Your DOT Physical at Many Truck Stops.

With a trucker's schedule, finding time for your DOT physical can be tricky. You need to find a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration approved medical examiner every two years to maintain your CDL, and sometimes the two-year-deadline approaches when you're out on the road.

In some intriguing semi truck driver news, the FMCSA has partnered with a new company called Truck Stop Health Care to provide these physicals on the road at truck stops. Under the program, drivers can schedule a physical while out on a route, show up to one of the many truck stop locations across the US, and get a physical for $99.

Fuel, Food... and a DOT Physical

TSHC has 5 truck stop locations open at the time of this post, and they plan to have 500 open within months. In another year or so, a total of 1500 truck stops will be operating.

The truck stop physicals will be conducted by certified local doctors and can take as little as 15 minutes. The results can then be sent straight to the licensing office in the driver's home state.

Earlier this year we profiled a Virginia doctor who provides medical care for truckers at his own truck stop practice. More services available on the road seem to make life a lot more comfortable and convenient for drivers.

The new Truck Stop Health Care program serves that need by helping truckers maintain their license even when a route keeps you away from home for a while.

Some truckers may be worried about taking their physical while out on the road, possibly in another state. If you are concerned about the results of your physical, you may prefer to see a doctor at home. When necessary, the truck stop physical can make a great alternative.

New technologies and new regulations change the world of trucking. Stay informed on the latest semi truck driver news by following the blog.

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