74-Year-Old Lady Trucker Keeps on Truckin'!

June 23, 2015

74 Year Old Lady Trucker

And just when you think you've been on the road a long time, I've got news for you. Back in 1968, a trucker was featured on the program "What's My Line," a popular game show of the time. After several questions, answers and guesses, none of the celebrity panelists were able to guess the occupation of Linda Cottrill. Yes, a lady trucker from Massillon, Ohio, stumped the panel. No one could believe that this diminutive young woman would be piloting a truck.

Fast forward to 2015 and, guess what? At 74 years old, Linda Cottrill is still going strong and still driving a truck! Not marriage, pregnancies, being a mother nor a triple bypass heart surgery has slowed her down. She has been truckin' ever since, and it doesn't look like she'll be quitting any time soon.

It's a Family Affair

Her love for trucking came from her Dad, who was a local coal hauler. When the coal business went south, he bought a dump truck so that he could haul sand and gravel.

At 55, Linda's father passed away, and both she and her Mom were now in charge of the business. Linda decided to take up the reins on a truck, and she never looked back. She married her husband, Dan, and they both drove trucks to make ends meet.

Home Wrecker

The Cottrills branched out into the home wrecking business, using their wrecking equipment to tear down a house when needed. Her son Dan has followed in her footsteps, and as Linda likes to say, "It's like adults playing with Tonka Trucks..."

Our hats go off to Linda Cottrill here at Trucker to Trucker. 74 years old and still haulin"! You go girl!!!

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