The 2015/2016 Roller Coaster of Freight Volume

December 8, 2015

The Trucking Freight Correlation

Right now, and probably for the immediate future, the buzz words in trucking industry news are freight shipments. As we all know, freight shipments determine the highs and the lows in the trucking industry, and unless you have been living under a rock, you know that there has been a wealth of freight movement in the past couple of years.


As we all know, 2014 was the biggest year yet for hauling freight. The numbers are so outstanding that it has been called things like an "atypical year," an "anomaly," and even as a "departure from the norm." Say about that year what you will, it was a monster year for the trucking industry, and it may never be equaled again.


Another huge year for hauling freight that wasn't quite as big as 2014, but taken into context over the past few years, it was still large, contributing to the big "boom" in trucking overall. But as all things must pass, and with people looking for indicators that freight is beginning to slow down, the latest North American Freight Index has shown a decline of almost 10% in October.

Manufacturing VS Consumer Spending

While the Freight Index shows a downturn in freight shipped, that allies almost exclusively to the manufacturing sector. The consumer sector is still spending, so actual freight shipments still continue running at nearly all-time high levels. That makes consumer goods the strongest part of the equation right now, and with Christmas on the way, don't look for those figures to abate.

The Watch is On

As we've said before, everyone knows the boom has got to end at some point, but we are still riding high right now, with consumer spending footing the bills of lading.

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