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We recommend taking many different pictures of your equipment. Ads with more pictures attract a greater number of prospective buyers. In fact, ads with pictures receive an 85% higher click through rate than ads without pictures


Equipment specifications can be as detailed as you like. Remember, there are certain specs you really need such as tire size, engine size, mileage, trailer length/width, etc... The more information you supply for your ad, the better it will appear in comparison to other ads for similar equipment.


To list, you must first register at TruckerToTrucker.com. After submission of the registration page you will be sent to your 'My Account' page. Click on the 'Place An Ad' button and follow the three steps to place your ad. You will be able to place as many ads as you want. As soon as you have set up your ad, it will become a 'pending' ad. This means your ad is stored in your account, but is not accessible to anyone searching the listings on Trucker to Trucker. To activate your ad, click on the 'Activate Your Pending Ad' link located at the top right corner of the 'My Account' page.

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