Women In Trucking Association

Every so often we will run across a non-profit organization that we feel is really pushing hard to make the trucking industry a better place. Women in Trucking is an association dedicated to celebrating accomplishments of women in the industry, opening doors, and encouraging more women to enter the industry. Their focus is not solely limited to women as their Board of Directors does understand there are challenges out there that face men as well. To that tune, the Board of Directors is split approximately in half between men and women from a variety of trucking industry-related companies.

The trucking industry was long viewed as a primarily male oriented career path for a good number of years. Women found their own opportunities growing as the trucking industry expanded. At present, nearly one in fourteen careers involves transportation or trucking in some way. More and more professionals enter the field every year while the field continues to grow and demand more professionals.

We at Trucker to Trucker would like to take the opportunity to fully endorse what the non-profit organization Women in Trucking is striving for. Equality and consideration are two incredibly important necessities in today's professional world. Those considerations extend much farther than an individual's sex or race. The fact of the matter is, any headway made in equality and consideration in the employment field allows people that want to work the opportunity when they would normally be pushed aside. The rights of individuals that develop serious health issues closely mirror the same issues that Women in Trucking are addressing.

The role and steps that Women in Trucking is taking are much greater than simply empowering, encouraging, and recognizing women in the industry. The only way for inequalities to be corrected is by arguing back as a single, unified voice. The more people that get involved, the louder the voice will be, and the farther the message will spread.

It is for that reason Trucker to Trucker would like you to consider visiting the website and joining with Women in Trucking in their journey. Not only will you be contributing to ensure doors open and stay opened for daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers everywhere; but you will also be contributing to a very important ideal.

Regardless of sex, race, orientation, or health; a person that is able to do their job and do it well should not only have that opportunity but be celebrated for their accomplishments. Measures to make a job easier, more comfortable, or more convenient should be applicable for everyone. Women in Trucking is one such NPO helping to make that a reality.

Stop by the Women in Trucking website and see their message in their own words.

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