Why Do I Need A Mack Truck?

  Mack Trucks is currently one of the largest producers of heavy-duty trucks in North America. The company that began in 1900 has grown to an entity that provides service in 45 countries at over 650 services, parts, and sales centers. Mack Trucks is a part of the Volvo Group which is known as one of the world's leading manufacturers of construction equipment, trucks, buses, and other heavy duty machinery.

Buying a Mack truck is more than just buying a truck. It is buying the culmination of over a century worth of innovation, work, and ingenuity. Mack has worked hard to be an industry leader in heavy trucks and technology associated with them. They have grown with the times and focused on providing efficient hauling technology to do their part for a better environment and world. Each Mack manufacturing and development facility is certified under the international standard for environmental management (or ISO 14001).

Mack strives to be a Good Neighbor corporation by developing efficient transportation technology and sponsoring such programs as the "Share the Road" safety initiative. Mack Trucks is the primary sponsor behind the American Trucking Association's program. They work with the EPA's "Climate Leaders" program which is focused on preventative long-term climate strategies.

The quality of Mack Trucks is apparent in the vast number of applications they are found in. A driver that is interested in a heavy-duty workhorse that can take a beating will be pleased to know that Mack Trucks have thrived under fire; literally. Mack has long produced trucks for use in the field of war to provide transportation and protection to soldiers doing a tough job.

That branch of Mack's legacy started in World War I, continued service through World War II, and support military action for decades after the M123 model was adopted as the Army's 10-ton prime mover. As late as 2006, Mack has been tasked with converting its Granite model truck into an armored military hauler for use in the harshest of environments where it is serving today.

The extended service Mack has provided the military says a lot about the types of truck they make. Military vehicles need to be versatile and function in a variety of environments. They need to be tough and durable to withstand the abuse and rigors of the field of war. Those heavy-duty trucks need to be reliable and not too complicated to repair while in the field.

Servicemen and women abroad did not have time to waste on hoping their vehicles would fire up in poor conditions. Mechanics did not want to see trucks roll in needing repairs that they had no parts for. Even in the event they didn't have correct parts, versatility means they were able to make do with what they had; even if it was not a Mack part.

All of these things and more speak to the strength of Mack. A century's worth of development, innovation, and understanding goes into the production of models today. Their acquisition by Volvo simply opened the doors to a greater world market for Mack Trucks.

If you are looking for a tough, dependable truck developed by truck manufacturers with a lot of experience, you need look no further than the Mack bulldog.

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