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Truckers have their own lingo, lifestyle, and laws. Many of your family member's and non-trucker friend's eyes glaze over when you start discussing work because they don't have much knowledge about your chosen vocation. While you can't make someone take an interest in what you love, you can forward these interesting quick facts about trucking to them. They may gain a renewed appreciation for your job with these insights.

Semi-truck engines

They are about six times larger than the typical car engine. Semi engines also have six times the horsepower (400-600) and ten times the torque (1-2 thousand ft.lb.). These workhorses are designed to run nonstop. It is only necessary to shut them down for oil changes, servicing the engine, and to comply with anti-idle laws. Modern semi engines are engineered for 1,000,000 miles of use before needing a rebuild or complete overhaul.

Standard features and capacities for semi-trailer trucks:

  • 12 or more gears
  • Turbo chargers
  • Air-breaking system
  • 15 or more gallons of oil

In the United States, the legal weight for each axle is: 12,000 lbs for steer and 34,000 lbs for drive axles and trailer axles. For Canada that is 5443 kg on the steer axle and 15422 kg on the drive and trailer axles. The maximum legal weight without any overweight or oversize permits, is 80,000 lbs (36287 kg in Canada).

The length of an eighteen wheeler is between 65 and 80 feet. It depends largely on the type of cab. A cab's length is measured from the center of the rear wheel to the center of the steer. Most are 13.5 feet in height and have a wheel base of 245 inches to 265 inches.

Trailers cost as much as $80,000 and semi trucks cost upwards of $180,000. The most important facts non-truckers need to know: The average turning radius of an eighteen wheeler is 55 feet and it can take the length of two football fields to bring a fully loaded tractor-trailer to a stop.

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