Utility Trailers: Not Utility Trailers

The company Utility Trailers is a major manufacturer of semi-truck trailers. They produce flatbed, curtainside van, dry van, and refrigerated trailers. Utility Trailers' products should not be confused with personal use utility trailers. The trailers that are constructed by Utility Trailers are semi-trailers for use in commercial freight hauling applications. In contrast, trailers labeled as utility trailers are designed for use in urban and residential applications such as landscaping, maintenance, moving, and other light-duty functions. The company Utility Trailers does not manufacture these types of trailers.

The products offered by Utility Trailers are industrial products designed to be towed by or mounted on Class-7 and Class-8 medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Utility Trailers' flatbed trailers are perfect for moving farm and construction equipment, generators, pallets, other trucks, hay, barrels, building products, and anything else that can be hauled on a flatbed trailer. Utility Trailers' refrigerated van trailers are suited for use in hauling groceries, produce, and other temperature-sensitive commodities that require refrigeration. These high-quality products are engineered with fuel economy and efficiency as a top priority. Available side skirts, composite materials, and super-single tires lower the weight of the trailers to ensure that truckers are hauling more load and less trailer. Side skirts are one of the best innovations in trucking because they conduct air past the truck without allowing it to pass underneath the trailer and cause turbulence. Utility Trailers' curtainside trailers and truck bodies are crafted for uses such as the delivery of weather sensitive goods and products that must be kept dry. The advantage of using a curtainside van trailer over a traditional flatbed trailer with tarps on the load is that a curtainside van can be unloaded much more quickly from the side by simply moving the tarps out of the way until the load is removed from the trailer. In addition, a curtainside van can be loaded and unloaded from the rear in the same way as a traditional van trailer. Lastly, Utility Trailers' dry van trailers are perfect for hauling dry goods ranging from dry food products, office supplies, paper products, and other types of goods that must be hauled in a dry environment.

In summary, if you are looking for a trailer to haul 60,000 pounds of bagels to a store, a 40,000 lb. wheel loader bucket to an equipment dealer, 30,000 pounds of pie to a distribution center, or a load of wood beams to a new housing project, you are looking for a Utility Trailers' product, not a utility trailer.

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