The Scoop on Utility Trailers

Utility claims to be the first name in trailers. As the top seller of reefer trailers in the country, they have good reason to be confident in their ability to manufacturer some of the best refrigerated trailers on the road. Their dry vans and flat beds feature gas saving innovations and sturdy design, as well. Let's take a look at a few of their premier lines of Utility trailers, and see just why Utility should be one of the first names that come to your mind when thinking about trailers.

3000R and 3000R Multi Temp Reefers

Shipping is all about payload. The more you can fit into your trailer, while maintaining the least amount of weight equals more money per load and lower fuel costs for each mile. The Utility 3000R and 3000 Multi-Temp trailers are the top-selling reefers in America because they give you some of the highest square footage per trailer weight on the market. With their standard air ride suspension, the highest rated floor system which features a 16,000 pound capacity, and unique wedge gasket design for better door seals and reduced air loss, the Utility 3000R is designed to be one of the best refrigerated trailers you can buy.

4000D and 4000D-X Dry Vans

When you are looking for durability and agility while on the road and maneuvering around busy docking stations, look no further than the Utility 4000D and 4000D-X Composite dry van trailer. Recent innovations have allowed these trailers to be manufactured with a lighter final weight without compromising strength or quality. The 4000D-X Composite has taken this to an even higher level through the use of ultra light weight composite foam interior walls that result in a significant fuel savings over the life of the trailer. As the first dry van to meet the EPA SmartWay requirements, the 4000D-X Composite trailer has set the bar for other trailer manufacturers to follow.

4000A and 4000S Flatbeds

Utility provides the light, yet strong 4000A and 4000S flatbed trailers. The 4000A utilizes aluminum and steel to create a sturdy and reliable trailer. The innovative single piece main beam with a newly designed top flange allows for the trailer to maintain its 80,000 pound rating for distributed load, while strengthening its ability to handle torsional stress. The 4000S all steel construction comes with thick impact plates on the rear corners, so that your flatbed is protected from the typical docking damage that occurs as loads are added or removed.

With this understanding of the different options of Utility trailers that are available on the market today, it is up to you to decide which reefer, dry van, or flatbed trailer is best for your business. No matter which one you choose, you will not go wrong with your new or used Utility trailer. There are few investments in your business that will pay off better during your time on the road.

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