Uship & T2T Team Up For Truck & Trailer Shipping

Most truckers know exactly what they're looking for when getting ready to purchase a new truck. Sometimes you get lucky, and the truck you want is within a day's drive. Other times the right trucks are available at the right price, but they are located across the country from your home terminal. We have partnered with Uship to help truckers who buy trucks they have found on this site in their possession as efficiently as possible.

Uship is an online marketplace specifically geared toward transportation. They connect you with a large network of transporters that will bid on your job after you have posted information about your needs, such as where the truck is currently located and where you would like it to be delivered. You can also list your timeframe, delivery details and budget so you get quotes that are likely to work for you. There is an option to fix the price if you have a strict budget, or you can wait for bids to see how much reputable companies are willing to haul your equipment for. You can read the Uship profile of every company that bids on your job to get information and reviews before accepting their bid. It's easy to get a free quote for transporting a trailer, truck or piece of equipment from one place to another. Just choose the type of vehicle or equipment you want to have transported from the menu. Enter the zip code that depart from and the zip code you need it to arrive at. You will also need to provide the model and make of the vehicle and the type of trailer you would like it to be hauled on if it's not already on a trailer. Estimated measurements are also needed. Carriers know that they are competing for the opportunity to haul for you, so they are likely to offer you their best price for hauling.

We are excited about this partnership with Uship because it allows us to offer you, our customers, a way to ship equipment, cars and trucks that you purchase from ads on this site to your home terminal so that you can get them on the road as soon as possible to start generating income for your company.

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