Trucking by the State – Wisconsin

October 10, 2012

Wisconsin is known for many different things. If you are a trucker you can see quite a bit of the state that has all four seasons by driving down both of Wisconsin's two major interstates I90 and I94. Both are less congested then the national average and are functional and beautiful. I 90 connects the south east of the state with the south western portion while I94 connects the south east with the north western part of the state. Of the top 250 truck carriers in the nation, 11 are based in Wisconsin making this number more than twice the national average. Additionally, there are more than 7,000 "for hire" truck carriers serving Wisconsin in this industry.

In early August each year for the past 24 years Waupun Wisconsin is the host of the annual Jamboree or Truck-n-Show. This show celebrates the trucker and their families. They have many different things to do. They have two different truck parades that go right through the town of Waupun. Another is a truck beauty contest. These trucks really look nice. The contest has both an old and new division. The Waupun Truck-n-Show is a nonprofit organization run completely by volunteers. Besides putting on a fantastic show, organizers take pride in raising money for Special Olympics and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Admission to these events is free. They even have a motorcycle ride to raise money. The show also has many exhibitors that will be glad to show you what they have to sell for the trucker, as well as publications and job recruiters. This show has a lot for the trucker and their families alike.

Wisconsin has thirty larger rest areas and many smaller way-sides that offer the driver a break from driving. Most offer handicap accessible restrooms, telephones, drinking water, vending machines, picnic areas, weather information, maps, pet walking areas and several are staffed with people to help you to find your destination or indulge in some local culture. They all have over night parking and even a few have internet access.

If you are traveling over any of the larger roads in Wisconsin you will more than likely run across a larger truck stop. Some are larger chains and others are run locally, both will offer you all of the same amenities as the rest areas, in addition to that will be a hot shower and a hot meal. Some have specialty shops attached as well.

Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association ( is a great resource to what Wisconsin trucking industry has to offer. This is also the place to go to learn about Wisconsin Road Team. This is a team made up of the best drivers Wisconsin has to offer. It is an elite group of drivers that have mastered the categories of the pre-trip, skills test as well as a written test. Applicants are from all over the state and from all facets of the trucking industry. They are chosen annually and have proven themselves to be the best of the best.

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