Five Trucking Experts to Follow on Twitter

March 28, 2012

Twitter has struck a resounding chord with over-the-road truck drivers. The social networking site, with its mini-blog format, is the perfect online medium for truckers. Twitter lends itself equally well to long periods of inactivity or short breaks. Naturally, as more and more truckers begin tweeting, some are going to emerge as stars. Here is a list of trucking experts that are worth following on Twitter.

@TruckerDesiree, with 5,786 followers, has become a powerful force in the trucking world solely through her activity on Twitter. Her Twitter activity has even gotten her onto Dan Rather's HDNet News program. Desiree's been tweeting since 2008, and has uncovered numerous truck-driving school scams during that time. She's passionate about making sure truckers get a fair deal. Desiree's definitely one tweeting trucker you -- as well as crooked trucking school operators -- won't want to ignore.

@AsktheTrucker, aka Allen Smith, who bills himself as a trucking advocate and activist, is an active blogger who also tweets to an audience of 4,375 followers. You may know him from or, the two blogs he writes. In addition to his blogs, tweets and Facebook page, Smith also has his own online radio show that talks about legislation, industry trends and other topics that are of interest to truckers.

@HDTrucking, run by the editors of Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine, has 2,243 followers and focuses on giving you access to the latest trucking industry news. The copy may be a little dry at times, but it's a quick and easy way to keep up-to-date on what's going on in the rapidly changing world of trucking.

@TruckEditor is the managing editor of Land Line magazine. With 1,925 current followers, TruckEditor's tweets read like a combination of personal messages from your sister who's on the road and topical content. Truck_Editor manages to make this unusual combination work, partly due to the quirky, energetic personality that manages to shine through her posts. You'll find yourself wanting to know that she just rolled through a pine forest.

@OverdriveUpdate, which is run by the folks at Overdrive Magazine, which calls itself "The Voice of the American Trucker," dishes out news and information specifically geared towards owner-operators. With 1,454 followers, @OverdriveUpdate's authors are experts at cramming a whole lot of information into posts you can read and understand at a glance.

The powers-that-be have recently moved to ban truckers from texting behind the wheel, so the days of rolling updates are probably over, for the most part. Tweeting, and following tweeters, is likely here for the long haul, though, which is good news for those who make their livelihoods by being there for the long haul.

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