Trucking Accessories: Making Live on the Road Easier

December 28, 2010

I was messing around on Bobby Boofay's site waiting for a Christmas "installmint" from Jim McCarter's trucking character. One web link Jim carries caught my eye - Truck Bling. Even though Christmas has come and barely gone, there's still New Years and time to get the trucker in your life something to take with them on the road. So, while I'm hanging around the T2T offices waiting for Slavemaster Jim to let me get out of the door, I thought a look at some of the truck accessorization options would be in order for a "New Look" 2011.

For "frinds" of Bobby Boofay, I asked him if he would come up with a New Year's "dedikayshun", so just keep watching this space for the myopic midget.

Chrome Country

Chrome Country are based outside Nashville at 900 Expo Drive, Smyrna Tennessee. Fenders, AC vents and trim, bug shields, cab guards and lights, headlights, hood ornaments, license hangers and much more are available from all the leading makers including, United Pacific, Valley Chrome and Rockwood.

Chrome Country is Bobby Boofay's recommendation, though there are other specialist suppliers across the country, but it's hard to ignore a recommendation from a "real" trucker like Bobby ;)

Trucker to Trucker

For trucking and tractor trailer parts there is no better place to head to than Trucker to Trucker, though your trucker loved one may not take too kindly to being bought 50 gallons of bio-diesel for a gift...or maybe they might. For replacement parts such as a new differential, 5th wheel, transmission, driveshaft, lift gate, scuff liner or reefer panel, your challenge will be to find a Christmas stocking to fit it all into ;)

Iowa 80

One of my recommendations would be - they have an excellent online store and simple to use navigation and good deals on shipping. They also have several physical locations in Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Arkansas, Illinois and Ohio. Aside from trucking bling, they also have a very wide range of trucker accessories from the practical (road maps), trucker comfort (orthopedic supports, microwaves, mattresses), custom interiors (steering wheels, custom chairs) and a wide range of other trucking goodies.

Go Truck Stop is another recommendation based out of Arizona and providing a great online store for nationwide service backed with free shipping. These guys have a great range of 12-volt appliances including a portable AC unit, e-book reader and for the touch of home, a wide range of interior furnishings and coverings which are durable and easily washed.

Road Trucker is another comprehensive, online store which is more rough and ready but run by Frank Oddo and his crew which also includes "real" truckers. Don't let the rough looking website fool you - what you see is what you get. Great quality products, backed by excellent sales support and free shipping on major items. One thing does very well is back the products they sell - they operate a 90-day unconditional warranty with up to 2 years guarantee for selected products. This is probably the most personalized trucking accessory website of them all in terms of the human touch.

Phone / Fax
(800) 240-5811
Mailing Address
Trucker To Trucker, LLC 13330 SR 17 Culver, IN 46511