Trucker's Truths - The Feds in Washington Don't Understand Truckers

September 25, 2014

The Feds

Why on earth would politicians in Washington know what's best for truckers? If you ask the feds about why truckers have faced increased regulation and stricter limits on driving times, they'll tell you it's about safety that more restrictive Hours of Service laws will reduce driver fatigue and crashes.

Safety Is Everyone's Concern

Truckers understand the concern for safety, but politicians struggle to understand the perspective of truckers that's why federal regulators should leave truckers alone. Nobody wants trucking to be unsafe! Outsiders should trust that truckers will do what's best for the sake of their own health and the safety of other drivers.

Unnecessary rules only make the job more difficult, more stressful. With arbitrary limits placed on when you can drive and when you're not allowed to drive, truckers get stuck with less leeway to do their job while driving safely.

Think about it, what sounds safer: a trucker rushing to complete a delivery within a short time frame? Or a trucker driving carefully, not worrying about racing the clock?

Feds Don't Understand Trucking

Reducing the number of average weekly hours is one thing. Telling truck drivers including independent owner-operators, people who are their own boss when they have to go to sleep? That's just going too far.

Non-truckers might think that the two-night sleep rule makes sense. After 70 hours, you must rest for 34 straight hours including two nights of sleep from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. Most people, like lawyers and businessmen in Washington, think everyone should operate on their schedule.

Truckers understand that job schedules vary. Sometimes you have to drive overnight and sleep during the day. Sometimes you can't

If politicians want to tell retail bosses that they must provide 30-minute breaks for their cashiers, fine. Truckers have to be their own bosses, free to take breaks when needed. We all want safe, responsible trucking. We just don't need non-truckers telling us how to do our jobs.

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