Trucker's Top Tips to the Perfect In Cab Snacks

July 10, 2014


You're on the road and you get that mid-afternoon grumbling in your stomach. What do you do? It's not practical or even desirable to stop every time you're hungry. A supply of portable snacks is essential for every trucker's cab.

This doesn't mean you're limited to high-fat, high-calorie grab-and-go snacks from the convenience store. You can have convenient-sized, ready-to-eat items on hand that are healthy and satisfying. Some of them take a bit of planning and preparation, but you'll be eating well and saving money to boot.

Here is a list of snack items that are portable, tasty and good for you. Use these foods to create your own personalize munchies survival kit.

  • Dry-roasted, unsalted nuts. Surprise! Everyone's favorite bar snack actually has important health benefits. Although relatively high in calories, they contain unsaturated fats that work to lower "bad"cholesterol in your system. They're also high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Stick with almonds, cashews and pistachios for the most benefits.
  • Fresh or dried fruit. This one probably comes as no surprise. Fruit is packed with vitamins and nutrients and they can provide healthier satisfaction for a sweet tooth. You'd probably be better off going with ones that aren't as messy to eat, such as bananas and apples. Throw some grapes in the freezer beforehand for a great warm-weather snack.
  • Tuna and low-fat lunch meats. Including protein in your mix will help to control your hunger for longer periods of time. Many brands now offer low-fat, deli-sliced lunch meats you can use for sandwiches or even to snack on as is. You can also find shelf-stable packages of tuna alone or with whole-wheat crackers.
  • Peanut butter. You don't have to be a kid to enjoy this rich source of protein. Use it to accompany apples and celery or as a spread on fiber-rich crackers.

Eating these healthy snacks will help you stay energetic and alert during those long stretches. Bon appetit!

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