Trucker's Top Tips to Healthy Eating on the Road

July 31, 2014

Make Breakfast Big

The life of a long haul trucker doesn't lend itself to a healthy lifestyle. Long hours sitting behind the wheel of your big rig drinking coffee and munching on convenience store snacks and too many high calorie, salt laden fast food meals contribute to the weight gain, diabetes and high blood pressure that plaque many truck drivers.

Cost of Unhealthy Lifestyle

Consider these statistics from Corporate Wellness Magazine:

  • More than half of all truck drivers are obese and more than 75% are overweight.
  • Nearly 90% of truckers suffer from high blood pressure.
  • Truck drivers are twice as likely to develop diabetes.
  • Not worried yet? Here's your wake up call: Truck drivers have a 16-year lower life expectancy.

Healthy Eating Options

Since America started worrying about obesity, it's easier to find healthy eating options on the road. More truck stop restaurants have moved away from all fried menus to offer healthier baked and broiled entrees and more fresh fruit and vegetables. Fast food restaurants have added lower calorie options to their menus, and convenience stores now stock a selection of healthier snacks.

Tips for Eating Healthy

Use's tips to eat healthy on the road:

  • Make a protein-rich breakfast the biggest meal of your day and dinner the smallest.
  • To eat less, stop for a snack or meal before you get hungry.
  • Pack a cooler with crunchy apples, cheese-stuffed celery and baby carrots. Crunchy foods satisfy the munchies.
  • Keep single-servings of healthy finger foods in the cab: grapes, string cheese, baked whole grain crackers, bananas, nuts and popcorn.
  • Keep your favorite flavors of Crystal Light or Mio on hand and substitute flavored water for soda and coffee.
  • Avoid fast food. Some truckers carry a grill, crockpot or electric skillet and cook their own meals.

Eat healthy and keep on truckin'! Buy or sell, visit for all your trucking needs.

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