Trucker's Top Tips to Finding the Cheapest Fuel

August 7, 2014

Keep It On The Cheap Side

These days there's no such thing as cheap fuel, especially diesel, Only prices a few pennies shy of stroke-inducing. How can you find the best prices to stretch your fuel budget and ensure profitability?

Understand the laws of supply and demand

Gas is typically cheaper at in areas with multiple gas stations, as competition keeps prices lower.

Pay attention to timing

Holiday weekends are notorious for high fuel prices. Avoid refueling at peak times when possible.

Try your luck at the rez

Some Indian reservations offer gas at bargain prices due to their exemption from many state and federal fuel taxes though for some reason these savings are not always guaranteed.

Don't go out of your way

Driving extra miles in an attempt to save may end up costing you more in money and time than simply re-fueling along your route.

Take advantage of technology

Information is power buying power. Locate free wi-fi and use your smartphone or other wireless device for a fast, easy access to the cheapest gas prices in your area.

MSN Autos

Offers immediate, local comparison shopping between all area gas brands. Update nightly from OPIS (Oil Price Information Service), the world's most comprehensive source for petroleum pricing and news information..


Now an app for iOS and Android devices, GasBuddy began as a way for users to find and report cheap gas prices and expose price gaps.

Overdrive's Trucker Tools

Designed specifically for helping truckers find the lowest diesel prices, updated hourly, and offering turn-by-turn directions to stops.


Allows you to search for the lowest priced fuel along a route, road, or interstate as well as specify necessary amenities.


Listing nearby locations and fuel prices for TravelCenters of America and Petro locations.

Flying J

Typically on the cheaper end of the spectrum, the Flying J site is updated daily to help you find affordable gas at their 180+ nationwide locations.

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