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September 19, 2010

Truckers Going Green

The oil in a truck is equivalent to blood in a body – it's a means of survival. However, oil can easily become a costly, anti-"green" way of maintaining your truck.
NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver, Caitlin Shaw and The Oil Medics have taken the green flag together to campaign toward a greener trucking environment.
Shaw has been competing in the motorsports industry for over 10-years and the 21-year-old understands the trucking lifestyle as she has traveled the road towing her race vehicles. Shaw states, "I spent three years driving coast to coast and sleeping in truck stops across the country. I gained a lot of respect for truck drivers and now through this green awareness campaign I have the opportunity to recognize those men and women on the roads."
The campaign will highlight one trucker each week that has made an environmentally friendly initiative through their truck and will be displayed on Shaw's Fan Page as well as The Oil Medics page.

"Our Core Mission is to increase fuel economy and prolong engine life, while reducing oil purchases by up to 90 percent. " Bill Jewell, owner of The Oil Medics, states. "Caitlin's NASCAR platform reaches a high audience to gain awareness for this campaign and we are proud to be working with her to gain awareness for truckers and for our environment."

The campaign will run from Sept. 15 through Nov. 9 leading up to Shaw's race at Phoenix International Raceway, winners will be announced each Monday through the contest.

All submissions will need to include the driver or owner name, a photo, and a short description of their green initiatives. Please submit all entries through


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