For Truckers, Fast Food Doesn't Have to Be Only Choice

December 26, 2011

Truckers face many different challenges with their work, and one of the hardest to deal with is the need to eat out all the time. Truck stop restaurants are expensive to eat at two and three times a day, while fast food--which is growing more common in truck stops each year--is neither healthy nor satisfying on a daily basis, for weeks at a time. Long considered a captive audience since there are few other places to park a 75-feet long vehicle, drivers are finding other options that make healthy, satisfying food choices available, and that can save them money in the long run. BRING MEALS FROM HOME Many Class 8 tractors today come equipped with built in coolers or 12-volt refrigerators that make bringing home cooked meals on the road possible. While these refrigerators may not be big enough to stock for a two or three week period, packing them with easy-to-heat meals for two or three days can cut that road expense by at least $50.00 for the first week out, and has the benefit of providing meals that meet the driver's tastes in materials and seasonings. Stocking the truck before pulling out on that first load of the week also allows the driver to make sure that there are plenty of fruits and vegetables that will stand up to traveling, as well as allowing the driver to pack favorite snacks at lower than truck stop prices. STOP AT DISCOUNT STORES FOR GROCERIES Once on the road, finding grocery stores that offer truck parking for brief periods is getting easier each day. Wal-Mart, in particular, often allows drivers to park for a few hours in order to do their shopping, and in some places has RV and truck parking, making it easier for drivers to get in and out--and drop those dollars. Buying bread, sandwich meats, prepared salads and more offers the driver healthier fare than the fast food places, and meals end up costing pennies. Installing an inverter and a microwave allows drivers the chance to have a hot meal, quickly made, while waiting to be loaded or unloaded; paper plates make cleanup a snap. Company drivers should check their company's policy. While many will allow inverters, they require that their maintenance department install them to avoid electrical problems. INVEST IN A 12-VOLT COFFEE MAKER AND CROCK-POT With a 12-volt coffee pot, more is available than coffee. Instant oatmeal makes a great heart-healthy breakfast. Water by the gallon is cheaper than those 1-liter bottles in the truck stop, and a thermos of iced tea is easy to make, while saving big bucks on soda costs. six hours, dinner is on the table. These appliances are reasonably priced and can last for years. Others offer ways to make meatloaf, heat canned goods and more. All will save the driver hundreds over the course of a year, and allow drivers to keep eating out for those days that they really want to, instead of need to.

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