Trucker to Trucker Valentine's Day Special

February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day comes round once a year, like Christmas, but this is the special day for love. Life as a trucker is hard all round on every aspect of life, but nothing is probably rougher on a marriage or relationship than to be away for most of the year – so you need to take maximum advantage of what this day brings and what it can mean for your significant other.

The traditional gifts of flowers and candy is fine for some, but it lacks any form of originality.

If you want to show you care then you need to think things through before you buy a bunch of limp roses and melting chocolates.

Before you buy anything think about what is going on in your other half's life. Is she on a diet, looking at working out, interested in films or doing something to maintain an activity and interest while you are away on the road?

Look to see what she is doing with her friends and if you are on talking terms, and you think they can keep a secret, ask them what they think would be a good gift idea.

Think before you buy, because it is the original thought which goes into making a Valentine's Day gift.

Is there something you both share or means something special to both of you?

Is there a theme she likes?

Does she have any dislikes?

Is she on a diet at the moment - which rules out candies and chocolates?

Weigh up the pros and cons of what is going on in her life and see what ties in with her current interests and likes.

Look at some of these Valentine's Day gift suggestions and crib some ideas:

Sleep wear and dressing gowns are a good gift, but hint at sexy rather than being overt – it is better to buy her something she will like, feel comfortable in and will wear frequently.

A day at a health spa – nothing will make her feel extra special than buying her a day at a health spa for some pampering treatment and luxury.

Movie tickets are a good idea too, and they are a relatively cheap alternative to flowers and candy – do some research on what chick flicks are playing and see about getting her a couple of tickets to take her girlfriend with her if you are not able to make it.

Photoframes with photos already loaded are also a good idea because you are able to personalize the gift with something you both share and will be able to provide her with a constant reminder of you while you are away.

The best present you can give is to be there for her of course, but unfortunately unless you have your truck for sale and are quitting the life on the road, that is an unlikely happening for most of America's long haul truckers.

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