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December 17, 2010

I love surfing Youtube with my eldest son for the good stuff from music, comedy, dumb stuff and you name it.

I used to think that being in the army, and the boredom which goes with barracks life or extended "camping" trips away from civilization, was what made us all do some really dumb things. When your mind is not occupied your thoughts wander to some really strange stuff, but now I know this is a condition not restricted to grunts - truckers do it too...only much better :)

Hauling ass to get to a load pickup always gets me as redundant: nothing is being hauled so that kind of makes the trip somehow less meaningful. What is frustrating is getting to the load pickup point and then hanging around while someone leaves you waiting until you can hook up the load and get moving again.

Check out this Youtube video by Trucker Brenda and get with the groove y'all:

Lady Trucker Fun

You can check Brenda out on Youtube where she goes by the handle Trucker47

We featured the Keystruckers in a previous post with Jan's vocals on Truckers Tracks Vol III. Her husband may not be the musically talented of the pair, but as Bobby Boofay he's known for pulling stunts and pranks across country. Check out this Youtube video of the ultra-short sighted trucker with the ultimate in BCD's (that's birth control devices also known as eyeglasses):

Sticking with Bobby Boofay, check out the Bobby Boofay's 24 hour Truck Driving School - "How much would you pay to become a professional truck driver? $50,000, $40,000, $30,000? Well for just $49.99 we'll teach you everything you need to know to be a professional truck driver...come on!"


Bobby Boofay\'s 24 Hour Truck Driving School

Check out the Keystruckers Youtube channel and have a good laugh courtesy of Bobby Boofay :)

Not so much as fun but a good look at trucker life to a cool tune by Alabama - Roll on (Eighteen Wheeler). We liked this because the song and the footage are just simple and honest, not least with the fact momma and the kids are waiting to bring Daddy home:

Roll On Eighteen Wheeler - Alabama

You can check out the rest of Hawk029's vids by clicking through to their channel here

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