Five Amazing Truck Videos You Don't Want To Miss

March 6, 2012

Trucks carry over 11 million tons of commercial freight across the nation every year. With so many trucks on the road, there's an abundance of truck videos floating through cyberspace. But who has time to look through all those? Here are five top videos that show trucks at some of the best and worst moments, from crashes to jumps to floods. "Amazing Truck Driving Skills" In this hold-your-breath video, big rig drivers navigate hairpin turns with steep cliffs on either side of the road. In most places, the road isn't wide enough for even two vehicles to pass at the same time. It seems as though the trucks could slip of the road at any moment. It's two-and-a-half minutes of suspense as the truck drivers dodge drops and coast around curves. "18-Wheeler Truck Drives Through 5-Foot Flood" In this surprising homemade video, a big rig fearlessly plunges into a flooded street. The muddy flood water reaches nearly to the truck's windshield, but the driver pushes on. As bystanders look on in disbelief, the truck manages to wade through the treacherous terrain and comes out on the other side of the flooded area. The driver celebrates with a series of short, loud honks. Truck drivers know how to get the job done. "Amazing Crash in Dallas Highway" This video is not for the faint of heart; it depicts a serious accident on a highway outside of Dallas, Texas. On this busy highway, a car slams into an 18-wheeler, sending it crashing over the median and into oncoming traffic. The huge rig, labeled "Pepsi," flies out of control, hits several cars and flips onto its side before finally sliding to a stop. The entire ordeal is caught on traffic cameras, from several different angles. "2011 Semi-Truck Freeway Snow Explosion" This video is only nine seconds long, but it makes the list because it's just plain cool. A big rig drives down a highway with several feet of powdery snow on top. The truck passes under a bridge, but the snow doesn't — it smashes into the bridge and explodes across the highway, creating a few seconds of complete whiteout. The video serves as a poignant reminder to never drop your guard when you're driving down a highway. "2010 Snore Mint 400 Highlight Reel" Of course, not all trucks are 18-wheelers. This video is a lighthearted reminder of just what trucks can do when pushed to the limit. These brightly painted suped-up four-wheel vehicles hit sandy hills and dusty ramps at high speeds, getting several feet of air on huge jumps. One misses the landing and flips several times, end over end.

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