7 Things You Didn't Know About Truckers

March 12, 2012

Most people know that truckers spend hours on the road, picking up loads and making deliveries, but there is much more to truck drivers than what meets the eye. As a whole, truck drivers are a group that care about their communities and want to help others as much as they can. They donate to causes that help other truckers, sick children, education, military families and more. Trucks are also instrumental in disaster relief.

Help Sick Children

Trucking associations donate thousands of dollars each year to causes such as Special Olympics, St. Jude Children's Hospital and more. One charity, Convoy For Kids Inc, has raised money for children with disabilities and life-threatening diseases for over ten years.

Support Other Truckers

Trucker Charity Inc. is a non-profit that specializes in assisting truckers and their families when they need financial assistance. Truckers who need assistance can fill out an application on their website or call 888-523-0087.

Pen-Pals with Students

Elementary school students can be matched with trucker pen-pal through the non-profit organization Trucker Buddy International. The driver shares news about their travels with the students, who write back to the driver about once per month. This is a fun way to teach reading, writing, geography and more.

Support Military Families

Help the Poor

There are thousands of organizations to help the poor that truckers donate their money to. One of these organizations is United Way. Atlas Van Lines has partnered with United Way and held several special events to raise money for the organization at their headquarters in Evansville, Indiana. This is just one example of trucking companies donating time and services to help those less fortunate than they are.

Aid Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, truckers are one of the first on scene, delivering supplies to the people who need them most. When the devastating tornado descended on Joplin, MO in 2011, many trucking companies donated both time and supplies immediately. Con-Way Inc, who is headquartered in Joplin, donated $100,000 to support disaster relief. Prime sent two refrigerated trailers to Joplin that were full of necessary supplies like food, clothing and water. These supplies were donated by the community of Springfield, Missouri as well as Prime.

Transport Animals to New Homes

Operation Roger is an organization of truck drivers who transport animals from shelters to new homes. There are many people who would like to adopt a dog or cat, but live hundreds of miles from the pet they want and cannot afford to have the animal shipped across the country. The animals ride in the cab with the trucker until they reach the city they will call home.

Support Cancer Research

There are many groups of truckers that raise funds to support cancer research. One of these groups is called Truckers Against Cancer. This group used to be called 'Convoy for a Cure', but they have expanded their focus from breast cancer to finding a cure for all types of cancers. The group raises money to fund patient needs, cancer education and cancer research.

As a group, truckers are some of the most caring, compassionate people in the world. They spend countless hours helping others as well as a significant amount of money. Many people only see them as the guy in the big truck, but that big truck usually carries a guy or gal with a big heart.

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