Welcome Transportation Solutions & Equipment

August 1, 2012

Transportation Solutions & Equipment has recently joined our exclusive network of online advertisers here at Trucker-to-Trucker. The dealership can be found at 23855 S. Aero Ct in Plainfield, Illinois. They are one of the best retailers of pre-owned semi trucks and equipment in all of Illinois. The employees at Transportation Solutions & Equipment have more than 100 years combined experience with the trucking industry, and they are committed to building long-term relationships with every customer they serve. The exceptional staff at Transportation Solutions is available by phone at 815-577-8504 or via email at sales@tsetrucks.com. The team specializes in truck painting and back-up alarm installation as well as selling quality used trucks.

Transportation Solutions has a large inventory that includes trucks of all types, from light-duty to heavy-duty. They have box trucks, hicube trucks and dump trucks from several leading manufacturers. Each truck in their inventory is listed with multiple pictures so that you have a good view of both the interior and exterior of the truck before making the trip to see the truck in person. The listings also include important information such as price, location, model number, manufacturer, horsepower, VIN number, mileage and more. The order of the listings can be changed according to manufacturer, year or price.

Customers can also take advantage of the consignment program at Transportation Solutions. The talented staff is happy to help you sell your trucks when you are ready for an upgrade. They will assist you with external and internal repairs, safety lane testing and more so that your truck is in top condition before you sell it. They will also have specification sheets printed that contain pictures and information about the vehicle you are selling. They will distribute these information sheets to specific buyers in their customer base and they will display your vehicle at the dealership so that potential buyers have a convenient place to look at it.

The technicians at Transportation Solutions have been certified by DuPont. They are ready to help your vehicles look as good as possible and are experienced in painting many types of trucks, from small pick-ups to highway tractors. These technicians provide truck painting services to local and national van line companies, several major truck dealerships, local fleets and contract carriers.

Trucker-to-Trucker understands the importance of safety whether you are on or off the road. We have welcomed Transportation Solutions & Equipment into our team of advertisers because they also feel that safety is a top priority. They are experts at the installation of WhiteSound back-up alarms on all types of trucks. These alarms are unique because they emit a shushing sound that is completely different than traditional beeping noises that most back-up alarms emit. This sound reduces noise pollution while warning people in close proximity to the truck that it is backing up.

Phone / Fax
(800) 240-5811
Mailing Address
Trucker To Trucker, LLC 13330 SR 17 Culver, IN 46511