The Trailer Place For Repurposed Trailers in Chicago

July 21, 2012

Trucker-to-Trucker understands that there are many hauling jobs that are much easier to complete if you have a fleet of customized trailers. That's why we are welcoming The Trailer Place into our exclusive dealer network. The Trailer Place is the place to go if you're looking for used or customized trailers in the Chicago area. They are the largest repurposed trailer sales company in the Chicago area. The talented staff at The Trailer Place specializes in custom trailers. They can modify your existing trailer or build you a new one from the ground up. The Trailer Place can be reached by phone at 312-301-3447 or via email at Their staff has more than 30 years of experience with modifying and building trailers. The Trailer Place has a crew of experts that will happily offer personalized advice to help you find or build the best trailers for all your hauling needs.

It is difficult to name every type of trailer that is part of The Trailer Place's inventory because some of them are so original that they don't even have a standard name. They sell end dumps, horse trailers, hay chassis, scrap trailers, flatbeds, crushed car carriers, containers dollies, gooseneck trailers and a selection of chassis that are ready to become any type of trailer you need.

Every trailer in The Trailer Place's inventory has been fully reconditioned. They have also been through the detail department, paint shop and mechanical shop. Customers are given a choice of paint color for their trailer and new reflective tape is applied according to D.O.T specifications. All of the chassis sold by The Trailer Place feature new valves, new brakes, new air chambers and new slack adjusters. A FHWA inspection is completed before the trailer can be sold.

The talented staff at The Trailer Place specialize in customizing trailers to help each customer get the most out of every trailer in their fleet. They offer custom retrofitting of trailer sides to heighten and lengthen your dump trailer. Custom fabrication is also available. Most of the trailers modified or rebuilt by The Trailer Place can be completed in as little as four weeks. The expert staff can help you design a custom dump trailer, horse trailer, heavy-container hauler, flatbed, b-train, spread-axle trailer or any other type of trailer. They will give you a quote and build the trailer according to your specifications.

The trailers offered for sale at The Trailer Place change often, so it is a good idea to call as soon as possible if you see a trailer in their inventory that meets your needs. Customers who are willing to wait about one month can get an exceptional trailer built exactly to their specifications. They will recondition a trailer you already own or build you a new one from the ground up. Trucker-to-Trucker is delighted to welcome the talented staff at The Trailer Place into their exclusive network of advertisers.

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