Trucking Industry Increases Participation In Tough Mudder Competition

June 14, 2012

One of the greatest competitions worldwide is called the Tough Mudder Competition that has been designed by British Special Forces. This competition has not only raised over $3 million dollars for the Wounded Warriors Project, but has also promoted health and wellness in the trucking industry throughout the world. Drivers who have participated in the past have found that this is the ultimate obstacle course that is designed to test the strength, mental grit, stamina, and camaraderie of participants. Tough Mudder is considered a leading company in the obstacle course industry and has already inspired over a million participants as well as raised funds to support a very worthy cause. As a result of increased interest by truckers, companies, such as, have already signed up drivers to participate in the next event. According to Loarn Metzen, VP of, "Tough Mudder seemed like the kind of fun that was just the right fit for our company and supports a noble cause as well. Health and wellness has always been a challenge for professional truck drivers and aims to change that." Orazio Mauro, Logistics Specialist and Analyst, added "We all have struggles and hard times in life. Our primary goal is to work together and complete each obstacle in front of us, one step at a time, together. It's a fantastic metaphor for life and how I believe we should live each day. Even though we all agree that it will be difficult, we're up for the challenge and the camaraderie." Other companies, such as Athlete Hybrid LLC, have designed programs specifically geared to training drivers for this competition. Their comprehensive and progressive training program, called Race Day Domination, was designed to provide an optimum and progressive training program that enhances fitness that will, ultimately, improve participant success in races such as the 10 to 12 mile Tough Mudder competition. Their 12-week obstacle and adventure training program is a perfect fit for the Tough Mudder race as it goes way beyond the traditional basic workouts and cardio programs. This is because specific skills are required to achieve success in obstacle courses such as the one featured here. The obstacles vary widely and each is designed to test a participant's fitness, health, wellness, and mental grit. For example, Arctic Enema requires participants to jump into a floating iceberg abyss, find the physical and mental strength to submerge and swim through ice under a wooden plank, then pull themselves back out of the water at the other end before becoming hypothermic. On the other hand, Everest is a quarter-pipe, much like that found in snowboard or skateboard parks, that is covered in mud and grease. Participants must sprint up the slimy face then enlist the help of other mudders to catch them on the way up and haul them to the top. In the end, the obstacle requires a human chain in order to help participants successfully complete this section of the course. Just viewing a Tough Mudder competition is exciting enough, but it should be remembered that tickets sell out quickly. They are held all over the world with many held right in the US. To find the next event in your area or to learn more about the course and becoming a participant or recruiting teammates, you can view detailed information at For those in the trucking industry, there is no better test of fitness, stamina, health, and wellness. By participating, individuals unlock a true sense of accomplishment, have a fabulous time, build new relationships with others throughout the world that last a lifetime, and help support a worthy cause.

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