Top Six Trucker Songs

C.W. McCall hit the charts with what was a novelty song to support the film of the same name - Convoy. Ever since then, every trucker is supposed to know the lyrics by heart as part of passing their written CDL test, or at least that's what the rest of the non-trucker public believes.

Aside from the obviously iconic trucker song, here are Trucker to Trucker's Top 6 for the road: Looking at the World through a Windshield - Son Volt

Son Volt is not the name of as person but the band - they formed from the break-up of Uncle Tupelo by lead singer/songwriter Jay Farrar. Based in both Minneapolis and St Louis, the band has had its ups and downs but after being re-signed to a record label are now back recording again. Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) - Alabama

Alabama probably forms the top 5 for many a trucker's favorite listening, but Roll On has found a special place in the hearts of truckers across the country. Written by Dave Loggins and recorded in 1984 it went straight to No.1 on the Billboard charts and was the 12th straight single at the top spot for the band. Six Days on the Road - Steve Earle

Steve Earle probably should be credited with this trucking song breaking out, but it was not an original for him. Written by Carl Montgomery and recorded originally in 1963 by country music singer, Dave Dudley - the song became an instant hit and is the iconic trucker song (much more so than Convoy). Truckin' - The Grateful Dead

This track first saw the light of day on the airwaves in 1970 when it was released on the Grateful Dead's American Beauty album. It has the distinction of being recognized as a National Treasure by the U.S. Library of Congress and was written by Jerry Garcia and other members of the band. Heaven is a Truck - Pavement

Heaven is a Truck appeared on the Crooked, Crooked Rain album by Pavement in 1994, and while we're including this track in our truckers' top ten, the band's closest flirtation with commercial success was another track, Cut Your Hair. On the Road Again - Willie Nelson

On the Road Again was featured in the 1980 movie soundtrack, Honeysuckle Rose and recorded by Willie Nelson. This is not just a trucking song but was originally written to reflect life on the road when touring and giving concerts. On the Road Again became the 9th No. 1 hit for Willie and is probably the song most closely associated with Willie Nelson. This song also crossed into mainstream pop where it also became a hit, reaching No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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