What Are the Top Critical Issues for Truckers

November 11, 2014

Critical Issues

Each year, the American Transportation Research Institute issues a list of the most critical issues for truckers. Some indicate a need for change in trucking legislation, while others are demonstrative of how much trucking legislation has improved the industry. Today, we'd like to cover some of the top issues truckers are facing in 2014.

Working Hours

In July 2013, new legislation was put in place that would limit the amount of time a trucker could be behind the wheel. Fatigue was a major concern, but it seems as though the loss of hours has created problems with productivity. Drivers are required to have a thirty-four hour restart at the end of each week, which not only puts them back on the road during rush hour, but it's speculated that it has resulted in a loss of almost $4 billion dollars a year for the trucking industry too.

Driver Shortage

While no one can be sure why there is a such a shortage of drivers, this is a serious problem for many carriers. Most of them aren't able to hire enough drivers, which has resulted in a decrease in productivity as well. Steps are being taken to help, including new programs for potential drivers and increased benefits. As it turns out, the demand for goods is increasing, which is good news for a country that once had a struggling economy. However, it's difficult for carriers to meet the level of demand.

Driver Retention

Finally, driver retention was cited as a serious problem among carriers, which causes problems for truckers as well. Several carriers have made significant changes in their salary and benefits packages, which is pulling drivers away. While this is an excellent way to attract new, qualified drivers, it's putting a strain on the trucking industry as a whole.

What are some of the issues you feel are most critical? Let us know! And check back often for more trucking news right here at truckertotrucker.com.

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