Top 3 Ways To Sell A Box Truck

July 21, 2011

A box truck serves as a steady workhorse in both commercial and industrial environments. An owner that wants to sell their box truck is best served by understanding the needs of the type of people that buy them. Finding and speaking to those people is an efficient way to facilitate the sale. The following tips will help you do that.

*Know the Value of Your Box Truck

There are a number of vehicles that sit around unsold because the owner does not have a good grasp of what it is actually worth. There are plenty of estimates available from automotive resources to give a ballpark idea of what the value would be. However, too many people take this to be an absolute. They see a value of $3000 for their vehicle and they assume that is what they are going to get.

That estimated value can be used as a guidepost. Take the time to consider the specifics of your box truck. Does it have more or less miles? Has the upkeep been immaculate? How reliable is the box truck? From there, you can adjust your price accordingly. Run the price through the final and most important question, "Would I buy this truck at this price?" If you cannot answer yes, you will be hard pressed to find another person that will.

*Perception is Key to Sales

People that are not involved in sales or retail do not know the sheer number of psychological factors that go into facilitating a sale. A person walking into any retail environment, whether it is a truck dealership or a grocery store, is being influenced in subtle ways psychologically to purchase more. Major chains spend millions of dollars on conducting studies to find the best ways to do this.

Anything you post about your box truck or any personal interaction needs to be conducted in a professional manner. Try not to return calls when you're tired, the sound of exhaustion in your voice will be read as you not having interest in that seller. Posting pictures of your box truck online is a great idea if it is cleaned thoroughly beforehand. Mud or dirt on the truck is subconsciously equated to a lack of cleanliness, even if it makes sense in context of the truck. Ensure there are no major mistakes in the text of your advertisement, use proper punctuation and capitalization where appropriate. Do not use ALL CAPS anywhere no matter how tempting. Offer prompt, courteous response that will paint you as a dedicated, eager seller to your potential customer.

*Reaching the Right Audience

The internet is a place that is flooded with many types of information. Some of it is useful while large parts of it serve no greater purpose than sucking up bandwidth. That large pool of information can make it difficult to be seen by the people that matter. If you are selling a box truck, then you want to reach an audience of people that need to buy a box truck. Seems simple, right? Going about that can be far more challenging if you do not know where to look.

The greatest resource that you will have available to you is truck-oriented classified websites. Searching for websites to sell trucks on puts your advertisement in a place to be found by people that need it. Do not scoff if they ask for a listing price for a period of time, most of these deals are very worth it. There is a lot of time and money that goes into being found by search engines. A website that has done that work is well worth the few bucks for any listing fees.

Poking around on that website will reveal you have some degree of competition to get the eyes of a potential buyer. There will be both dealers and private sellers looking to sell their box trucks. How can you compete with that? You compete with a good value and a firm understanding of what makes a buyer purchase or not purchase. Much more can be written about the subject but it is beyond the scope of this writing. These tips are some of the most useful ways to stand above the crowd.

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