Tips to Keep from Becoming an Aggressive Driver - Drive Stress-Free

August 26, 2014

Avoid Driving Aggressively

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, aggressive driving is a major safety concern for all motorists. Are you contributing to the problem?

What constitutes "aggressive"?

Any unsafe driving behavior performed without regard for safety such as tailgating, illegal passing, or erratic lane changes, which contribute to up to 56 percent of fatal crashes.

Graduating to road rage

Extreme cases of aggressive driving may lead to road rage the intent to cause physical harm a criminal act. Road rage incidents often result from trivial traffic issues such as tailgating or not letting another driver pass.

How aggressive is your driving style?

Lane changes & merging

Do you use your signals and wait until you have plenty of room to merge or change lanes without cutting other drivers off?

Passing & slowing left lane traffic

Most state laws requires travel in the right lane, reserving the left lane for passing. Though the need to pass other vehicles is inevitable, be aware that slowing left lane traffic for extended periods of time can incite aggressive driving in others. If traffic is piling up behind you and your truck is puffing like the Little Engine That Could, don't be discourteous, move over, let traffic by, and try again.


Allow ample space between your truck and the car ahead. Your truck's excess weight increases the risk of not slowing down in time if traffic patterns change.


Nothing angers other drivers like obscene hand gestures.

Common courtesies

Use signals every time you turn, before you change lanes, and take it easy on the horn.

Does your attitude need adjustment?

  • Cool down.
  • Leave angry feelings behind to avoid doing things you'll later regret.
  • It's not a contest.
  • Don't race the clock, try to make the time good by enriching your drive with music or books on tape.

Step into the other driver's shoes.

Don't take the aggressive driving of other personally. Consider the whys, such as a sick or crying child, fireman, or physician en-route.

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