Tips For Advertising On Trucker To Trucker

May 13, 2014

Advertising Tips

Selling your truck or trailer is easy and affordable on With thousands of potential buyers visiting our website every day, there's no better way to sell your rig!

Get Started

Before you place an ad, you'll want to watch our video tutorial and check out a few truck ads to see how things work. (You can also place your ad by phone by calling 800-240-5811.) Remember, folks who buy online can't climb into the cab or kick the tires. You have to do that for them. So provide plenty of photos and as much detail about your rig as possible. You can also sell trailers, equipment and parts online on, but we'll stick to trucks today to keep things simple.

Before placing an ad, you'll also need to create a free account.

Get Ready

To create a great ad, follow these tips from's advertising experts:

  1. Get your truck ready to sell. Give it a thorough cleaning so it will look great in your ad photos.
  2. Pick a sunny day and snap a few dozen digital photos of your rig. When choosing a location for your photo shoot, pay attention to the background. You want buyers to focus on your truck, not the background.
  3. You can load up to 36 photos to your ad, so take pictures of everything. Make sure you get great front, side and rear views of your rig, as well as close-up shots of special features inside and out.
  4. Gather all the information specs and features -- you want to include in your ad.

Place Your Ad

Once you log in to your account, selling your truck or trailer on is as easy as 1-2-3! Just follow the step-by-step instructions. (Tip: Do NOT use the back button while placing your ad. If you forget a feature or make a mistake, you will have several opportunities to check over and edit your ad before submitting it.)

If you get stuck or have questions, give us a call. Our advertising experts are always ready to help.

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