Tips to Advertising Your Truck on Trucker to Trucker

Advertising Tips

Do you have a truck or trailer to sell? Don't prop up a sign on it and hope for the best. Advertise on Trucker to Trucker and take advantage of our extensive reader base. Get instant exposure to thousands of potential buyers that doesn't end until you close the sale.

Place the ad yourself or let a member of our friendly customer service staff help you. Ads are featured on our home page and searchable through our convenient database. Only $19.95 buys you an ad with free renewals in 30-day increments until your truck or trailer is sold.

The more carefully you plan your ad, the more successful it will be. Use these tips to create an ad that will have buyers flocking to your "door".

  • Include as much information as possible. Along with year, make and model you should list anything else that will give readers a better picture of your vehicle. What would you like to know about a truck that you were interested in purchasing? Those are the features that should be in your ad.
  • Do your homework when setting your price. Search our database for comparable models to see what the current price range is. You can also contact us if you need more help in establishing your vehicle's value.
  • Online advertising has an advantage over traditional classifieds because pictures can be included. Our ads allow up to 36 photos and we recommend that you use them all. Take more pictures than you'll actually need so you can select the best ones. Use captions to point out specific features.
  • You may edit anything in your ad other than make, model and year. If you're not getting enough interest, review and make any necessary changes or add photos and renew for another 30 days.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll make the sale. Visit our website or call 800.240.5811 to speak to one of our helpful customer service associates.

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