Tandem Stoppers

February 15, 2007

Have you noticed the new banners on our homepage for Tandem Stoppers?

This product is really worth checking out. (otherwise I would not be selling it) Here's what the manufacturer has to say.... Tandem Stoppers eliminate the aggravation associated with sliding trailer tandems. Stop those truck drivers from using unsafe, ineffective ways to slide tandems.


Tandem Stoppers Quality Steel Pins are a durable, low-cost solution for truck drivers to keep in compliance with DOT regulations. The pins simply slide into the desired hole, the driver will lock the trailer brake, slide forward or backward enabling the pin to lock into the desired location, and then remove the steel pin.

The process is safe, fast and easy, allowing drivers to accurately distribute the trailer load on the first attempt. Jeff Landis, CEO of the company and a 20-year truck-driving veteran, originally created the steel pin for himself. He quickly discovered that fellow truck drivers also found his pin useful. Tandem Stoppers. Is now making this idea available to the public. Has anyone used these pins?

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