Talbert Trailers, Everything You Need To Know

August 3, 2011

Talbert Trailers is one of the most recognized in the industry when it comes to transporting specialized equipment. The founder of Talbert Trailers, Austin Talbert, began the realization of a dream in 1938 only hoping to provide construction machinery for rent. In 1957, the construction rentals were going so well that a plant was developed and Talbert's team started to focus on creating trailers for transportation of heavy machinery.

One of the best trailers that Talbert's team has created is the lowboy trailer. It is used for transporting very heavy machinery, even vehicles. Talbertspecializes in producing custom lowboy trailers for transportation of any type of heavy machinery or vehicle. The fact that lowboys are all customized means that some of the lowboy trailers can accomplish different things, depending on what needs to be transported. If something needs to be recovered, then a lowboy can be customized to have a hydraulic tail to make recovery easier. There are many options for whatever needs transportation.

Another one of the trailers that is popular with construction is the building materials trailer. It specializes in transporting materials used for building construction like beams, trusses, and forms of concrete. Steering dollies are good if there are a lot of different types of machinery that need to be divided up. Extendible trailers are one of the more unique trailers in that it can be used for transportation needs that require completely flat, step-deck, lowbed, and hydraulic neck functions. Most of the time, only one trailer will provide one of those features, but extendible trailers provide all of them.

Steel dump trailers are good for hauling steel around and bomb carts are available for carrying bombs for military use or demolition. Other trailers that should prove to be useful for the military are missile trailers and nuclear material transportation trailers. Hazardous materials transportation trailers are available as well. There are many other trailers available for just about anything that needs to be transported, and the parts and accessories are available for use.

Talbert Trailers will always be up with the best in trailer maufacturing due to the innovations that were created to make transportation of construction and machinery possible. Talbert's company created the first lowbed trailer with a removable gooseneck and the first hydraulic trailer with a removable gooseneck. Talbert's manufacturing was innovative because his team was the first to manufacture high-strength steel that didn't get hot. Talbert Trailers was the first design and use air suspension and they were the first to put self-steering axles to use.

There may be other means of transportation when it comes to heavy machinery, but if it wasn't for Talbert Trailers, the companies that exist now would never be at the level they are, and even then, Talbert Trailers remains and consistently creates new trailers for the use of the public.

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