Stoughton Trailers: In It For the Long Haul!

July 26, 2011

Stoughton Trailers are just what they claim to be; they're in it for the long haul. For a company that can boast thousands of owner/operator and fleet customers, longevity and exceptional service are sure to be two of their qualities. Stoughton Trailers products and service, their experience and knowledge are matched by no other in the business. Let's take a closer look at some of the many products and services on offer.

Selecting the right high quality trailers and intermodal products saves you money in the long run. Some of the unique products available are the revolutionary Z+ composite vans. They are made from composite laminate panels. The poly-laminate panels are created with inner and outer galvanized steel skin that has been coated with epoxy. This provides more durability where used box trailers might fail. When it comes time for repairs, their panel design provides for replacement without the necessity of removing neighboring panels - which is usually the case. It's a real time saver which means less down time and more time on the road. Isn't that the idea?

Another available option is the tough plate configuration. The new 'Tough Plate' design has now been improved with a built-in tough plate located in the lower part of the side wall. The benefit of this special design, along with the 'Z+' advantage, adds up to durability even under the greatest demands. If damage does occur, replacement or repair is simple. Once again, the design is intended to get you back on the road with the shortest delay possible. There are also aluminum sheet and post trailers, grain haulers and drop frame trailers from which to choose.

The company has a perspective not shared by others regarding the design and manufacture of trailers. This unique awareness extends to their manufacture of containers and chassis as well. This equips them to handle the ever-changing and ever increasing demands of the transportation sector. Once your specific requirements are understood, and cube or weight specifications are known, the design engineers can create a trailer to satisfy your special requirements.

In recent news, Stoughton recently announced Robert Wahlin as President of the company, following Ken Wahlin, who is now to become Managing Director of the parent company, STI Holdings. Wahlin brought the company forward by implementing the principles of lean manufacturing. He was also responsible for guiding the implementation efforts. He has an MBA as well as a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. The company will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary later in 2011. During this celebration, Wahlin will be tasked to lead the company into its second half century.

With innovative and advanced designs as well as time tested manufacturing techniques to lower cost of ownership, Stoughton is more than qualified to provide trailers that meet and exceed any company's requirements. With a variety of products and advanced facilities, the smallest of details and the most demanding of needs can be met without concern. With more than 20 awards and recognitions since 1989 alone, you can have confidence and certainty that you're dealing with the best name in the business.

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