Stay Cool in Summer Heat with Our Summer Trucking Tips

July 23, 2015

Stay Cool in the Summer Sun

As truck drivers, whether you drive a big rig, a bowser, an RV, an MPV, a four wheeler or anything in between, you'll always want to stay cool in the heat of the summer. And yes, we know about air conditioning in vehicles that essentially allow you to keep the cab temp comfortable and healthy, but there are still times when you'll have to be outside or face mother nature and the suns rays. So here are some of the best tips on keeping your cool all season long.

Use sunscreen

Although you should use it whenever you are outside in the summer, remember to always put some on the left side of your face and your left arm when driving. You'll prevent sunburn, and both truckers arm and truckers face by this one simple tip.


Hats, long sleeves and sunglasses are essential for driving down the road. This keeps the sun at bay from your skin and eyes, and keeps you cooler every mile that you drive. As a side note, cotton clothing breathes the best, so if you have a choice, always wear cotton clothing.

Stay hydrated

This is probably the best way to keep cool, Whether your choice is soft drinks, water, sports drinks or what have you, always try to take in about half of your overall body weight in ounces of fluid each day.

Cold compresses

An oldie but a goodie, for instant cooling after working in the heat, whether you have been unloading, doing routine maintenance, truck inspection, whatever, sandwich a cold bottle of water, a filled soft drink bottle or an ice pack, between your wrists. This will chill the blood in your veins and as it circulates around your body, you'll feel almost instantly refreshed.

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