State Trucking Associations

trucking associations

National, State and Regional Trucking Associations

State Trucking Associations serve a vital role in protecting the interests of the trucking industry, drivers, and employers alike. Similarly minded people come together to represent their interests from a knowledgeable stand point to the various environmental and governmental regulatory committees that enact and pass legislation. This listing is compiled for the benefit of visitors so they can find the right trucking association for them. There is strength in numbers which is displayed often at the regional, national and state levels of government.

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Alabama Trucking Association

Alabama Trucking Association Workers Compensation Self Insurance Fund

Alabama Trucking Association Workers Compensation Members Safety Library


Alaska Trucking Association


Arizona Trucking Association


Arkansas Trucking Association


California Trucking Association

California Dump Truck Owners Association

California Tow Truck Association


Colorado Motor Carriers Association

Colorado Truck Driving Jobs


Motor Transport Association of Connecticut, Inc.

Connecticut Professional Drivers Association


Delaware Motor Transport Association, Inc.


Florida Trucking Association


Georgia Motor Trucking Association


Hawaii Transportation Association


Idaho Trucking Association

Official Trucking Website of the State of Idaho


Illinois Trucking Association


Indiana Motor Truck Association


Iowa Motor Truck Association

Iowa Trucking Association


Kansas Motor Carriers Association


Kentucky Motor Transport Association


Louisiana Motor Transport Association


Maine Motor Transport Association

Maine Professional Drivers Association

Maine Truck Driving Jobs


Maryland Motor Truck Association


Massachusetts Motor Transportation Association

Massachusetts Truck Puller’s Association


Michigan Trucking Association

Michigan Center for Truck Safety


Minnesota Trucking Association


Mississippi Trucking Association


MOTA – Missouri Trucking Association


Motor Carriers Montana


Nebraska Trucking Association


Nevada Motor Transport Association

Nevada Trucking Law

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Motor Transport Association

Auto & Truck Recyclers Association of New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Jersey Motor Truck Association

New Mexico

New Mexico Trucking Association

New Mexico Trucking Compliance

New York

New York State Motor Truck Association

North Carolina

North Carolina Trucking Association

North Carolina Trucking Association Maintenance Council

North Carolina Dump Truck Association

North Carolina Trucking Association Safety Management Council

North Carolina Trucking Association’s Young Professionals

North Dakota

North Dakota Motor Carriers Association


Ohio Trucking Association

Toledo Trucking Association


Oklahoma Trucking Association


Oregon Trucking Associations

Oregon Trucking online


Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Trucking Association

South Carolina

South Carolina Trucking Association

South Dakota

South Dakota Trucking Association

South Dakota Trucking Information


Tennessee Trucking Association


Texas Motor Transport Association

Texas Truck Association





Virginia Trucking


Washington Trucking Association

Washington Trucking Associations

West Virginia

West Virginia Trucking Assocation

West Virginia Automobile & Truck Dealers Association


Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association

Wisconsin Automotive & Truck Education Association

Wisconsin Auto and Truck Dealers Association


Wyoming Trucking Association

National & Regional

Trucking Association

America’s Independent Truckers’ Association, Inc.

American Trucking Association

Mid-West Truckers Association

National Truckers Association

The National Truck Equipment Association

Towing & Recovery Association of America

Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association

Owner Operators United

Trucking Association

Joining a state trucking association is a good choice whether you own a fleet or are a driver. In addition to a unified presence representing the best interests of the industry, there are a number of other benefits that members can enjoy. The following list is an example list; actual benefits will vary depending on the truck association. A visit to the respective association can provide further insight into their specific benefits.

  • Safety compliance services and training.
  • Quick access to endorsed programs and organizations.
  • Safety supplies and services to help reduce costs.
  • Employee background, alcohol, and drug screening services.
  • Advocacy to legislative and regulatory bodies.
  • Expanded industry education to keep members legal.
  • Access to truck and fleet-oriented insurance.
  • Opportunities to network with other industry-related professionals.
  • Information on industry-friendly political candidates.
  • Different state trucking associations will be able to provide a variety of benefits for membership. Joining a trucking association helps to ensure that the interests of the industry are protected and advanced. Without those voices, regulators and government officials with only cursory knowledge of the trucking industry would be the ones solely deciding policy. Your membership and voice can contribute to the whole to ensure the industry is not unnecessarily pigeon-holed.

    The final major benefit for drivers and fleet owners alike is the ability to stay safe and up to date with regulations in an easy fashion. The changes that do come down from committees are often addressed by the various state trucking associations to get their members onboard and compliant. That can save a whole lot of headache and hassle for the driver or fleet owner who is not interested in paying continuous attention to new legislation.

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    1. laresa forbes says:

      We need to pool together and get the Gov. off our backs! There’s too many crazy rules going on- a “neat” truck cab, or a fine! Come on!!!! And Mexican trucks coming into our country. Monitoring where trucks are all the time! These rules are being made by non-truckers. The don’t know the industry. Lets pool together and get some of this crap stopped!