Semi Truck Experts and Accessories at 45 Chrome Shop

January 18, 2011

45 Chrome Shop is THE place to shop for chrome accessories for your semi truck, automobile or motorcycle. 45 Chrome Shop are the experts for semi truck accessorization, and stock all of the main lines and many other specialty suppliers and manufacturers. Once you have bought that truck for sale you had your heart on, stamp your own individuality on it and "Trick Your Truck!"

The following is just a sample from 45 Chrome Shop's inventory:


  • Bostrom Seating
  • Pro Ride
  • Dynaflex Exhaust
  • RigSkirts
  • Pro-Tech
  • United Pacific and much more


  • Peterbilt – 2006 on dash, Older Pete dash, interior and exterior fittings and chrome accessories
  • Kenworth – interior and exterior, 2006 Kenworth dash and newer
  • Freightliner – in and out
  • International – in and out
  • Mack – in and out
  • Western Star – in and out
  • Volvo – in and out


  • Lighting – accessories, hand-helds, head lights, LED cab lights, incandescent markers and emergency lighting, stop, turn and tail lights
  • Exhaust – accessories, full and partial kits and stacks
  • Bumpers
  • CB Radio & Accessories
  • Drop Visors
  • Fenders
  • Mud Flap Hangers and Flap Weights
  • Headlights
  • Steering Wheels
  • Horns
  • Body Care and Polish

45 Chrome Shop prides itself on the very best service and provides a simple to use online ordering process, fully automated and secure, but if you need the human touch just pick up the phone and call toll free on 1-800 758 3286 (of 662 726 4458). Registration is simple and will take 2 minutes even if this is your first time buying online and all purchases are conducted on a secure transaction platform and you are protected by your credit card fraud guarantee. There is no simpler or more secure way to buy your chrome and bling for your truck online.

In addition to supplying chrome and steel accessories for semi trucks, 45 Chrome are also leading suppliers for chrome accessories for your automobile or motorcycle. If you can't find something in the store or online, just ask one of their service center staff for friendly and knowledgeable advice on what will look good and how it can be fitted.

Located conveniently at 15920 Highway 45, Macon Mississippi you will find plenty of big rig parking (they're behind the Truck Stop and Tire Shop behind the bypass).

There is a simple warranty policy – all manufacturers' warranties and goods are sold as is. This makes your life simpler when it comes to claiming for faulty merchandise as you have only one phone call to make – to the manufacturer.

Contact Information:

45 Chrome Shop

15920 Highway 45

Macon Mississippi

Tel: 800 748 3286 & 662 726 4458

Email: Website:

Phone / Fax
(800) 240-5811
Mailing Address
Trucker To Trucker, LLC 13330 SR 17 Culver, IN 46511