Selling Your Truck: How to Make the Most from Your Truck for Sale

January 16, 2011

At some point after you have seen the sign "Truck for Sale", you're going to be putting up one of your own – either you are a whiteline fever rookie or a road rash veteran, but as an owner-operator, you will be selling equipment at some point. You need to maximize your revenues from selling used equipment because that is money you have which should and could be working for you in your business. You also need to dispose of used equipment quickly and with the minimum of fuss so you can get back to doing what really makes you money – trucking!

Here's TruckertoTrucker's guide to selling your used equipment fast:

  1. Prepare your description carefully – have all the basic information to hand (make, year, model and so on). The description is not "what it is" so much as "why you should buy it" – for instance, "Volvo 2006, 80,000 miles" should be "Clean Volvo 2006, SUPER LOW MILES (80,000)" – got the idea? We have also found that the greater the amount of information provided in an ad then the faster it sells.
  2. Pricing is crucial – forget what you think it is worth and do some book research. Find comparable rigs and equipment and gauge your price based on what the market is paying for comparable items. TruckertoTrucker will help you if you need it – that's what the "Contact US' form is all about so don't be shy!

  1. Use a valid email address – if you get a character wrong it doesn't matter how good your ad is. You also need an email address which you check frequently – if a potential buyer contacts you, they will expect a timely response (and it also means they are close to buying from someone so they are not likely to hang around).

  2. Photographs – a picture says a thousand words – the old cliché! Pics are important, but take them in good light and while you don't want to hide obvious defects, at the same time you are trying to generate interest too – make sure you wash and clean the equipment and take pics which show the trailer or truck for sale at their very best.

  1. Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware! Remember that as a seller you have a duty to be honest and fair in your ad and dealings with the buyer. The information you input in your ad will usually be printed out by the buyer and may be used against you in case of a dispute. This makes it essential that you are honest and fair in your descriptions and dealings with any potential or actual buyer.
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