SelecTrucks Nashville - Warming Things Up!

November 1, 2013

There are so many sad and cruel stories in the news that we feel compelled to share heart warming stories whenever we hear about them. Animals being abandoned is a common occurrence, but the staff at SelecTrucks of Nashville saw a couple of dogs who have been abandoned and instead of turning them away, they chose to care for the little ladies like they were their own.

About a week ago we heard about two dogs who had been abandoned at least one year ago in an industrial area of Nashville, Tennessee. It's not unusual for dogs to be abandoned, but what is unusual is that the people who work in the area where the dogs were abandoned have stepped in to care for these canines and make them part of their family at work.

Meet Mollie Sue and Amanda Pearl. These lovable ladies are about five years old. They are aussie lab mixes that might be sisters. They are amazingly hefty, especially for stray dogs. These pretty girls owe their lives to the outstanding staff at SelecTrucks of Nashville. They deserve a special shout out for taking the time and effort to serve two dogs that weren't noticed by anyone else.

For the last year, these two dogs have been staying in the offices at SelecTrucks during the day and have a special area of the parking lot all to themselves. The workers have not only fed them, they have also provided basic veterinary care for them and had them groomed. The workers have become concerned about what will happen to these ladies when the weather gets colder and they asked for help. These sweet girls are now being cared for by BFDR.

These girls are incredibly well behaved, thanks to the loving care they received from the SelecTrucks staff. They have been taught great manners and are happy and healthy. Providing veterinary care and grooming goes above and beyond to help dogs that were abandoned by their owners. BFDR is looking for someone to foster the girls together so that they don't have to go through being separated.

Not only are the staff at SelecTrucks friendly and kind to the animals, they are also great at helping truckers find the right vehicles to expand their fleets or replace aging trucks. Their inventory includes a huge range of pre-owned trucks, including heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty trucks. Most of their vehicles are eligible for warranty coverage and every truck on the lot is in great condition. See the trucks here!

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