Security Cameras for Trucking

July 2, 2008

As truckers park their vehicles for resting over night, leave them in truck stops or rest stop parking lots, or have to leave their trucks in an insecure off-highway location because of maintenance problems, security more than crosses their minds. For owner operators, you have a lot riding on your truck—your career, the loan payments you've been making on the vehicle, and the vehicle itself as a financial asset. Allowing your truck to be damaged or stolen is just as bad as allowing someone to rob or burn down your house. Because of this, most truckers have had security systems since the first days they owned their truck. But if you're one of the few that has wanted a security system, but just couldn't get the cash together to purchase one, Jwin has an answer for you.

For only $79.99, the Jwin JVTV2040-ARV video monitoring security system can offer comfort and security for your truck. This simple and effective security system won't bog you down with wires and payments. Including a black and white monitor that measures 5.5 inches, a black and white camera and a 60-foot cable, the system is simple to install and use. Though a single camera is included in the price, the system is capable of handling an additional camera. The monitor can also be set to switch back and forth between the two cameras at intervals programmable for between two and twenty seconds.

Though the system may be inexpensive, it does not skimp on the necessary equipment to allow safe and effective monitoring of your vehicle. Cameras are fitted with Infrafred LED lights that allow the cameras to record in "near total darkness," according to the manufacturer. Because of these LED lights, truckers who purchase this system can monitor their vehicles around the clock. But for those who want to do more than monitor their vehicle, the system allows for a video recorder to be attached to the monitor, and video playback is accommodated on the same monitor.

A second Jwin model, the JCTC 2060-ARV, allows the same system to be broadcast on a 12-inch screen and handle up to four cameras for $139.99. Those truckers who often park in less than secure areas may choose this system as it allows the monitor to move seamlessly between cameras on all sides of the vehicle. By using a camera connected to the monitor via cable, installation is still simple, but the extra money buys a fewmore upgrades from the less expensive system. For example, in addition to being larger, this screen also features a high-resolution display, an earphone jack, and more ports for connecting other equipment like VCRs.

Though fancy security systems are beginning to look like expensive entertainment systems with flat screen TVs and color monitors, truckers can still find simple, inexpensive ways to monitor their vehicles. Choosing one of Jwin's simple, black and white monitoring systems will give truckers peace of mind without leaving them broke in the process.

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