Schneider Increases Mileage Rates

March 28, 2011

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Today, we look at Schneider's decision to increase owner-operator van rates:

Schneider National is a name known to all truckers and operators and has been in business for over three-quarters of a century. Schneider offers a wide range of driving opportunities for both employed drivers and owner-operators and also provides an excellent series of driver programs from basic CDL training through to specialized driver instruction, such as HazMat certification and tanker-driver training programs.

Schneider is one of the first major carriers to address the shortage of drivers by increasing rates for van drivers in an effort to attract new drivers and also to encourage retention of existing drivers. The rate increases are a sign of the times with a shortage of drivers nationally forcing up rates for those with a CDL and also for those looking to enter the industry for the first time.

Announced on March 24, Schneider will be increasing compensation rates by five cents per mile for its van owner-operators.

The revised lease terms mean that owner-operators will now receive 95 cents per mile increasing to $1.65 per mile with short-haul premiums added. These rates are in addition to the fuel surcharge provided. Schneider owner-operators will now receive compensation of 92 cents per mile plus a performance incentive of 3 cents per mile payable on a quarterly basis.

There is a choice of lease options available through Schneider National, which is based in Green Bay, WI. The two broad lease deals involve remuneration on a mileage basis or on a straight percentage of revenue generated. Owner-operator leaseholders using the percentage of revenue generated basis receive shipment assignments direct from the company with no intermediate agents involved in the business process. The jobs are sourced direct from Schneider's own freight pool and is a more secure means of ensuring work for the owner-operator (as Schneider seeks to maximize return on the lease investment granted to the owner-operator and is also taking on board some of the risk of the truck being idle).

Features of the Schneider lease programs include 24/7 access to the freight shipping system, and the ability to pre-plan trips by controlling the booking of jobs due to the ability to see freight work several days in advance and to arrange for loads to be pre-assigned.

Schneider National estimates that owner-operators daily compensation is in $8000 per day range. In addition, tanker owner-operators also saw their rates increased last December to $1.05 per mile, and the company also provide tanker driving training for those without tanker experience.

Check out Schneider National's job website for more information.

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