New Advertiser Welcome for Kietek International

June 2, 2012

Trucker-to-Trucker is happy to announce KieTek International as the newest member of our exclusive dealer network. Their office is in Queen Creek, Arizona, but their high-quality trailers have been shipped to customers around the world. KieTek is committed to providing their customers with top-notch service and building long-term relationships with the people they serve. They recognize that each customer has unique needs and personalize their service to meet the needs of the customer.

KieTek offers a variety of equipment to help truckers get the job done right. They have scissor lifts, truck ramps, dock bumpers, scales, generators and more. Their truck ramps are custom-designed based on the requirements of each truck. They can also custom-build portable loading docks according to the needs of their customers. KieTek can be reached via the contact form on their website or by phone at 800-510-4888. Customers can also visit their office at 22380 S. Scotland Ct. Queen Creek, AZ 85142.

Another quality product that KieTek provides is roller bed systems for trailers. These systems are available in fold up, drop in or permanent versions. The permanent rollerbed system consists of a plank installed on the trailer floor. KieTek provides customers with a kit that includes a plank with retainers and roller cubes. The drop in live floor system is made up of gates that freight handlers lay on the floor. Each position is made of two gates and the gates install in a matter of minutes. The positions are held in place by a nose piece and spreader bars. KieTek's fold-up moving floors have guides on the side that are secured to the floor with bolts. The gate is hinged from the guide so that it can be folded and held securely against the inside of the trailer when it is not in use. KieTek's systems offer customers more flexibility than comparable pneumatic and hydraulic systems. They also offer a better value than comparable systems. KieTek is focused on simplicity and maintenance reduction.

All of KieTek's products have been rigorously tested. Their live floor trailer systems have been tested by the demanding air-cargo industry and have held up to rigorous use. These systems are lightweight and convert a passenger van to haul cargo in just a few minutes. Using these rollerbeds allows a single person to unload and reload a van in ten minutes or less. They are easy to use and require very little modification to the van. These live floor systems can be customized to meet each customer's needs.

KieTek is focused on tailoring their products to surpass the expectations of their customers. They are happy to talk to customers about their individual needs and suggest products to meet those needs. They even have financing available for customers who qualify. Products from KieTek have stood up to some of the most demanding conditions imaginable. They are being used by the Air National Guard, Marines, USPS, Army and Air Force. Trucker-to-Trucker is excited to welcome them to our team.

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