Road Dogs on Hogs

April 22, 2009

While some people get into trucking because of the freedom of the road and the excitement of travel, others get involved for a very different reason; they love wheels. And loving wheels doesn't just mean 18 wheels, but even much smaller vehicles, like motorcycles.

It turns out that many truckers are also motorcycle fans, riding to rallies, attending shows, and enjoying the road from a perspective far different than a semi-truck allows. One group, Road Dogs on Hogs, has brought the two passions together. In 2004, the group was founded by a female trucker who wanted to go to the Mecca of motorcyclists—Sturgis.

Her ambition, however, was hampered by an event that happened to her while working as a civilian in Iraq and Kuwait. She was attacked in her sleep. Because of this, she was worried about the security issues that camping at Sturgis might bring. When she raised her concern on a truckers' radio program, other truckers who were also motorcycle lovers responded, saying that they could attend the rally together.

Now, the group has been founded and is growing. Together, the drivers with shared interests attend other motorcycle rallies across the country. And Cindy, the driver who organized the first rally, is still involved in the community, encouraging others to get involved and share their love of driving vehicles whether big or small.

Truckers who are interested in joining this group can learn more about Cindy and her story, as well as the group, by visiting Road King's web site. Road King, a magazine for truckers, is loaded with information and personal stories about truckers who are stepping out to make a difference, exploring new ideas, and getting together in order to enjoy their common interests.

Truckers who want to know how they can join the motorcyclists in their next ride, however, should visitRoad Dogs on Hogsto discover the latest information about how the trucking and riding groups meet. Truckers who are not interested in riding hogs, though, can use Cindy's story as an inspiration to find others on the road who share their interests.

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