Job Interview Tip - Questions to Ask When You Apply for a Trucking Job

June 23, 2007

You've scoped out the trucking companies, compared features and talked to other truckers to get the low-down. You've narrowed it down to a short list of companies you'd like to drive for. It's time to schedule some interviews. The recruiter will have plenty of questions for you, then it's your turn. Asking questions tells the recruiter you're interested, you've done your homework, and you're serious about the job.

Here are some questions to get you thinking. Take your list of questions with you to the interview and make notes so you rememeber what was said. It will help you compare one company to another when you're ready to make your choice. Good luck!

  • What is your home time?
  • What is your pay rate? How is that calculated? Book miles, PC miler, etc.?
  • Do you provide insurance? Dental? Vision? What companyis it with? Do you have to go to plan doctors? How much does insurance cost? Does the company pay a percentage? When does it kick in? Is family coverage available and how much does it cost?
  • Do you offer a 401k? When will I be eligible?
  • How are tolls paid? How are expenses submitted? How long do reimbursements take?
  • Do tucks have APU? If not, do you pay for idle air?
  • Do you allow inverters and what size?
  • Do you have bonus programs (safety, fuel, etc.)?
  • Is there forced dispatch?
  • What is your layover pay policy?
  • What is your detention pay policy?
  • Do you offer vacation? How many days? Is it paid? When will I be eligible?
  • What is your rider policy and is there a cost?
  • Are accidents and damaged freight charged to the driver?
  • What about no touch freight?
  • If the driver assists with unloading, is it paid? How much?
  • Where are your terminals?
  • Is all maintenance done at the yard? What about non-emergency maintenance?
  • Is there an orientation and/ortraining period? How long is it? Is it paid? How do I get there? Are hotels and meals paid? Is in-truck training done with a trainer or by team driving?
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