Organizations That Help Owner Operators

April 23, 2012

Many truckers new to the business are unaware of organizations that represent their interests. Some charge a fee for services or membership while others simply work in the interest of their members. One of the best known of these is the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, Inc, also known as OOIDA.

This organization has been in existence since 1970 and is dedicated to advancing the cause of its members. They work through local and federal government agencies, private businesses, and other locations to provide adequate representation of truckers everywhere. This representation is also provided at the provincial, national, and international levels. Whenever rules are being made regarding professional truckers a representative of OOIDA is on the scene testifying or participating in groups and meetings regarding this profession. All members of the administrative staff have been or are truckers.

OOIDA offers a wide range of services including such things as access to new truckloads each day, discount programs, personal and truck insurance plans, truck and trailer financing, weather and road conditions, and many other services which are designed to help a trucker.

One of the best-known representatives of truck drivers is the American Federation of Labor (AFL), which was formed in 1887 when it was horses that were pulling trailers. This organization was formerly called the Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen, and Helpers of America. It is one of the largest labor unions in the United States.

A newer organization working for truckers rights is Owner Operators United, dedicated to understanding of environmental issues and sharing information with our partners, developing innovative and flexible solutions to bring about change, having a clear voice in Washington, D.C., recognizing that fiscal responsibility is essential to our future, advancement of our Industry through Education, encouraging all partners to share in our mission, and to stand United for the betterment of our Industry.

Dial-a-Truck (DAT) in an electronic freight posting service that was established in 1978. This company is also known as Truckers Edge, 3sixty Freight Match, DAT Connect, DAT Partners and 3sixty Express. It provides monitor boards in truck stops where truckers, for a fee, can view posted loads. This has proved an excellent source for truckers who do not wish to return with empty loads.

This organization states that their monitors list 60 million truck loads per year with 400,000 or more appearing on their boards only.

Other organizations that are in a truckers life are:

SmartWay Transport Partnership is an organization that works with carriers, freight shippers, and logistics companies to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency in the transportation of freight. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Office of Transportation and Air Quality manage this program. They have also have a National Idle-Free Corridors Program to reduce idling by commercial vehicles in the transportation corridors.

They are working to develop idle reduction equipment as well as speed governors, hybrid power-train systems, and wind deflectors to reduce aerodynamic drag. They are also exploring fuel-efficient tires and tire inflation systems, which will reduce rolling resistance.

Women in Trucking is an organization that encourages women to obtain a career in trucking. It is non-profit and advices women, as well as men, on different aspects of a trucking job. They are dedicated to promoting trucking as opportunity for women to succeed in finding a job that will meet their expectations.

These are just a few of the many organizations in the country that are dedicated to those who work in the trucking industry. It is through these organizations that it is possible to obtain the latest information as well as any updates in the laws regarding freight hauling.

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