Online Car Sales - CarSeek Reviewed

January 21, 2008

A popular site with new car shoppers, has recently added new features, in addition to car reviews, photos, and news. now helps connect potential car buyers to desired models, and connects the appropriate car dealers to customers who are ready to buy. Consumers are relying on the Web for comparing new car prices, options, and dealerships more every year. The quicker they find the car they want, the more likely customers will make a purchase.

For car manufacturers, it is critical that their models are seen on the Internet, due to the way people now shop for cars. By the same token, auto dealerships recognize that more people come in to close a deal after researching online. The new is now fully active with 2007 vehicle reviews online, and new 2008 model reviews being published every week. offers current EPA emission specs, fuel economy, and crash tests in its reviews, as well as special articles dealing with topics like: Road Rage, Hybrid Automobiles, How to Buy A Used Car, the Geneva Auto Show, and coming soon, an article about Indy driver, Danica Patrick.

A customer who visits can read a review of the vehicle he wants, compare it to other vehicles, and have dealers provide price comparisons, within minutes. The price quote section of asks a few simple questions and securely forwards the answers to dealers in the geographic area that was specified. processes all leads for validity before they are forwarded to dealers. Dealers who have the exact model will send their price quotes to the customer by email, traditional mail, or phone, depending on the selected choice. assures all of its visitors that it uses security measures to prevent misuse of any information.

For auto dealers who process leads as a way to increase sales, leads put car customers who are ready to buy in contact with dealers. The lead program helps dealers two ways: by verifying the lead information before forwarding it to dealers, and by confirming that the dealers have the model the customer wants. When new car shoppers get dealers to bid for their business, they will get the best deals. When car dealers obtain fresh, valid, new car buyer leads, their sales people get to do what they do best, sell cars. The new features at make both happen.

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