On Board Scales

January 14, 2009

How much of your diving time do you spend weighing in the loading and unloading phases of your drive? That's the question that the manufacturers of Air-Weigh want truckers around the world to ask themselves. The answer might lead you to believe that you're loosing money.

Whether you're weighing to determine payloads or an answer to all your weighing needs, Air-Weigh offers accurate readings that can be accessed right from the dashboard. Though Air-Weigh has been providing this technology for some time, its newest invention is the one that truckers will rally over. The Air-Weigh LoadMaxx Scale is that invention, which combines convenience with technology in order to save truckers more time than ever. The electronic scales show weight information to the drivers, while wireless transmission capabilities allow the numbers to be sent directly to headquarters. By incorporating weight alarms, the LoadMaxx Scale is determined to make truckers ultra safe, as they sound an alarm when the weight becomes a problem. Like all Air-Weigh products, the LoadMaxx Scale is guaranteed to produce accurate readings. That's why it even has a device built-in to compensate for the pressure sometimes created by incline.

According to Air-Weigh, purchasing one of these on-the-road scales can save time, and therefore, money. Indeed, as other transportation costs continue to rise, saving money on the cost of weighing is a smart tactic. According to Air-Weigh, the money spent on an in-cab weighing device will be returned after just a few trips without time-consuming weighing. And because Air-Weigh is ultra-accurate, you can be sure that your truck and its cargo are in good hands.

For more information about Air-Weigh, truckers can visit its web site at Air-Weigh .com. There, truckers can even calculate their savings with the online calculator to determine whether or not Air-Weigh is for them.

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