New Trucking Regulations Brewing in Congress - What It Means for You

June 16, 2015

New Trucking Regulations

The Transportation, Housing and Urban Development funding bill for fiscal year ending in 2016 could have a big impact on truckers. As we have previously pointed out at Trucker To Trucker, it is extremely important to always keep up-to-date with new federal trucking legislation whether you have a single truck or a large fleet.

Important Updates From May

Controversy about the open roads...

According to FOX 8, the FY 2016 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development bill has a lot of critics because of two provisions that could potentially increase risks to not only truck drivers but to others sharing the highways with them. The bill would allow drivers to:

  • Work longer hours
  • Use 33-feet double trailers
  • Drive with heavier loads

Supporters of these provisions believe the changes will lower the number of trucks on the road over time and increase productivity by making it possible for drivers to haul more faster. Critics, including people who have lost loved ones in truck accidents, argue that the changes undermine safety on America's highways and byways. They fear that more fatigue- and handling- related accidents, as well as associated debilitating injuries and deaths, might occur if truck drivers have these options.

Support of better infrastructure...

In other news, Congressman Henry Cuellar added language to the bill that would help improve trucking routes that lead to inland ports. Representative Cuellar believes that freight routes should go all the way to the ports and that the routes, as well as the ports, should be considered part of the "critical [trade] infrastructure" that gets more funding through the National Infrastructure Investment. Cuellar believes that this language will:

  • Improve route conditions
  • Increase activity at the ports
  • Create new jobs

At Trucker To Trucker, we take pride in helping truckers on and off the road by keeping them up-to-date with recent legislative changes and providing some of the best deals around on trucks, trailers, parts and other equipment!

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