New Federal Medical Form Implementation Delayed

January 5, 2016

Medical Forms Delayed

The latest in semi truck driver news are that medical certification changes have begun this month. All drivers going in for their medical examinations after December 22nd, will notice that a new Medical Examination Report form is being used. While that maybe no big deal for many, there are going to be more questions about your health and your medical history, all in an effort to make drivers and driving healthier and safer.

State Vs Federal

One of the interesting aspects of the new forms are the difference between state and federal regulations. For example, there may be different medical requirements on a federal level that may not be required for state certification, or vicea versa. In other words, you may be medically certified to drive in a particular state, but that won't necessarily mean you'll be able to drive out of state. There will be different forms to fill out for each of these requirements, or if you know you are only going to driving in one particular state, you'll only have to pass their medical requirements.

Drivers Health

Look for more questions regarding overall health. Some of the newer health questions will ask about high cholesterol, whether or not you snore loudly, chronic infections, pacemakers or other implantable devices, and chronic cough, shortness of breath or other breathing problems, among others.

The New Forms

Here are the two newest forms for you to look over. These are the forms that virtually every driver, after December 22nd, will have to fill out. Check out these PDF links:



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